When I play Yu-Gi-Oh, I want lớn play with my brother and sister. The problem is that we don"t know how to play with more than two people playing. Are there any additional rules I have to incorporate to lớn be able to lớn play this way?

For example, how vì chưng I determine whose monsters I can attack? Or vì both my opponents count as a single one? Just saying, nobody should be on teams*.

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Play with the rules the show gave for free-for-all duels

The closest we have sầu to lớn official rules for Yu-Gi-Oh! with more than three players is Episode 122 of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. It featured a four way free-for-all duel with the following rules (plus a rule involving the results of this duel determining seeds for the final four):

Each Duedanh mục must play with no more than 40 cards in his Deông chồng. Each Duemenu can attaông chồng or target any of the other three, but may not attachồng until one full turn has been played.

The turn order is determined as follows: each player selects 1 monster from his Deck & removes it from play; the owner of the boss khủng with the highest ATK goes first và the lowest ATK goes last.

Throughout the duel, there were temporary alliances that were made and broken. The duel ended when the first player got to lớn 0 Life Points và everybody toàn thân was ranked for tournament seeds. In other words, the highest remaining Life Points was ranked first, with others being ranked in relation. Yugi & Joey initially teamed up, then then turned against each other when they realized it was advantageous to lớn vì chưng so in order to lớn get favorable tournament seeds. Again, there were no ties, so it was unclear what would have happened in that case.

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I would suggest adding the following rules:

Each player selects 1 Boss from his Dechồng & removes it from play; the owner of the trùm cuối with the highest ATK goes first and the lowest ATK goes last. You cannot choose a trùm cuối with a ? on either ATK or DEF. In the case of a tie with the highest ATK, all tied players use the following tie-breakers with the cards they chose until there is no tie, with the winner going first.Highest DEFHighest Level (monsters without a printed Level, such as Xyz monsters, count as 0)Highest Xyz Rank (monsters without a rank, which would be any monster aside from Xyz monsters, count as 0)Highest Link Number (monsters without a Link Number, which would be any quái nhân aside from Link Monsters, count as 0)Each player rolls a die with the highest winning the roll, repeat as needed for ties.

Example: Yugi chooses Kuriboh (300/200, Level 1). Bandit Keith chooses Machine King Prototype (1600/1500, Level 3). Odion chooses Dragon Zombie (1600/0, Level 3). Mako chooses Fire Kraken (1600/1500, Level 4). Yugi goes last since his quái nhân had the lowest attachồng, but the three remaining duelists" monsters tie with 1600 ATK, so we need to lớn go into lớn tiebreakers, starting with comparing DEF. Mako & Bandit Keith both have DEF 1500 monsters, while Odion has a DEF 0 boss khủng. Odion will go after the other two. Since there is still a tie, Level is compared. Mako"s quái dị is a Level 4 monster, but Bandit Keith"s is a Level 3, so Mako goes before Bandit Keith (since Odion is already out of the running, his monster"s Level is not compared). Thus the order is Mako, Bandit Keith, Odion, Yugi.

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If you don"t want khổng lồ have sầu the strategic layer of selecting monsters, you could just have sầu it where all players roll a die with the highest roll going first. The disadvantage lớn this is that players bởi not have the ability to strategically determine whether they want lớn go first, last, or in the middle.

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