yesterday was one of these nights where i couldn't fall asleep and browsed youtube and all of the sudden the youtube algorithm suggested me a video: Warcraft 3: Farmers vs Hunters! . Ive never ever played warcraft 3 or any other warcraft titles before (even tough i am a deticated Dota 2 player), yet i liked it & watched gameplay after gameplay . I dont know why ,and even despite of the fact that i didn't understand the gameplay totally, but i fell in love with the mechanics & the game flow of this wc3 thủ thuật. Now my questions: Is the gian lận Farmers vs Hunters still a thing? If yes where can i play it what vày i have lớn install....I would be very happy if someone could help me.

Gameplay example:

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Sure it is hosted quite often. Just open wc3 reforged >> custom maps >> search for Farmer vs Hunter Season2 Final or tải về it from here and host yourself it's one of my fav maps too

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a lots of thanks khổng lồ you i will defenitely try it out ! One last thing i would like to lớn ask for vì chưng you know of any guide/tutorial? Because as i said i am totally new to lớn this game and i don't know what all the abilities are & in general when khổng lồ go for pigs when for chicken for example or how many chicken/pigs can i have? As a hunter when should i start to lớn hide.......

Edit: You said open wc3 reforged but if i google wc3 reforged there are a lot of articles claiming that it hasn't been published yet?

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wc3 is trang chính lớn sooooo many classic mods. But yes, farmers v hunters is one that stands out lớn me as a wc3 vet. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I guess just know: If you like that, there really is a whole lot more. lol

So if you've sầu never played wc3, you need to lớn get a copy of it. You can preorder reforged spoils of war & get a beta key, if you don't want to lớn pay the extra money get regular for 30$ but you'll still get access khổng lồ wc3 classic. You can get installer from blizzard store one you've sầu prepurchased reforged. Warcraft 3 is not in the battlenet launcher but Reforged beta is. So you have to lớn go khổng lồ the blizzard store trang web like I mentioned. Once you actually get into the game you go inlớn battlenet create an trương mục & go to lớn custom game lobby. You have sầu to play a bản đồ download it. If noone is hosting the maps to lớn you can Google it & tải về it online. Then put the .w3x tệp tin in your documentsWarcraft IIImapsdownloads . If you are playing Reforged the same goes but it's in the Warcraft III Beta thư mục in documents .

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